[insert timpani sound]

Sunday, September 21, 2003

Amazing. Three days after the storm, and Fairfax County residents are still being advised to boil their water. I suppose that's an improvement -- at least they have water now. Friends of mine still don't have electricity. It sounds like a third-world country. What next, malaria shots?

Fortunately I do not live in Fairfax County. Unfortunately I chose to go shopping there tonight.

There was one container of Ben & Jerry's ice cream left. What is it with Ben & Jerry's? If World War III broke out tomorrow, people would riot over a single pint of Chunky Monkey. "To hell with the bottled water and tinned meat -- see if they have any Cherry Garcia left!"

Memo to me: create new brand of "gourmet-style" survivalist foods. Packaging & shelf life similar to military MRE. Investigate cobranding opportunities for freeze-dried, no-refrigeration-required ice cream, pizza, etc.

Local governments and utilities are handing out free bottled water & dry ice (the Post had an article about the long lines for dry ice).

They ought to be handing out free Xanax.